Does Allergic Shiners Make You Look Ugly? Here’s How To Deal With Them.

Having dark circles under your eyes? If you’re trying everything to get rid of them yet you fail all the time, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit to a doctor because the circles might indicate that you’re suffering from allergies you aren’t even aware of.Does Allergic Shiners Make You Look Ugly? Here's How To Deal With Them.According to allergies expert, Dr. Marc Meth,

Dark circles are what we refer to in the allergy world as, allergic shiners, because they basically look like you’ve been hit right under the eye.

So what are allergic shiners? What causes these terrible dark circles to appear under our eyes?

Allergic shiners, they simply refer to as the dark circles under the eyes which are caused by the pooling of blood under the eyes as a result from nasal congestion or swelling underneath each or both eyes. These allergic shiners can be unattractive, but they do not usually indicate a serious problem.

So, when the sinuses were blocked, it becomes more difficult for blood to flow back to the heart, and the small veins right under the skin below the eyes may enlarge with pooled blood.

Since, these small veins are so close to the skin’s surface, their swelling would typically show up as darkness (often purplish) right under the eyes. Unfortunately, you look like you’ve been hit right under the eye.

Oh Nooo!

Does Allergic Shiners Make You Look Ugly? Here's How To Deal With Them.However, be aware that you won’t mistake allergic shiners as bruises because allergic shiners are just simply the pooling of blood, not the leaking of blood into the tissue.

  • The first thing you got to do is to identify allergy triggers and as much as possible, stay away from them. 
  • Place a warm towel over your eyes and nose. This helps ease any eye puffiness and allows to open and drain your nasal passages. You will have to do this over your eyes and nose several times a day. 
  • Take over-the-counter antihistamine or nasal sprays.
  • Ask your doctor about getting a prescription for nasal steroids. You will need to use nasal steroids daily for the best effect and there may be some side effects that you should discuss with your doctor.


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