Back Exercises For Scoliosis That Are Extremely Safe


When treating patients with scoliosis it is a general rule that one must avoid exercises that adversely affect one of the curves while attempting to correct the other. In this regard, exercises for scoliosis have been raised. 

Scoliosis is the abnormal lateral curvature of the spine which causes a bend on one side of the body while the muscle lengthens in a constant stretched position. Now, would it be advisable to perform back exercises for patients with scoliosis?

Back Exercises For Scoliosis That Are Extremely SafeAccording to the Scoliosis Research Society, back exercises for scoliosis cannot prevent curve progression, but these exercises can help improve one’s core strength and provide symptomatic relief.

Exercises for scoliosis should be carefully selected and the patient must undergo a thorough examination prior to perform one. The objective should involve utilizing asymmetrical exercises to bring about optical symmetry.

If the left side of your back is your tight side, lift up your left arm so that it’s pointing straight toward the ceiling. Reach up toward the ceiling with your left hand. At the same time, reach toward the floor with your right hand. Hold your stretch for five seconds, then relax. With this stretch, you may feel a subtle shift in your spinal alignment.

Repeat this stretch up and reach down exercise in 10 cycles and perform this stretch 2-3 times a day. However, if you’re not sure which side of your back is tighter or which arm you should raise, schedule an appointment with your health care provider to have your spine and back assessed.

  • Arm and Leg Extensions

Back Exercises For Scoliosis That Are Extremely SafeIt is best to perform this exercise with the use of an exercise ball or stability ball to help strengthen your back and improve your posture. The ball must be supporting almost your full body weight.

Start with your hips right over the stability ball. With one toe down, extend your left hand up, keeping your right fingertip palm down, while lifting your right leg up. Hold for a count of three and then switch sides. Continue for 3 sets of 10. Rest for 30-60 seconds before performing another set of leg and arm extension.

It helps not to tire you easily if you breathe in during the lowering phase and breathe out during the lifting phase.

  • Side Stretch

Back Exercises For Scoliosis That Are Extremely SafeSide stretches are intended to stretch your tight back muscles and help relief symptomatic back complaints.

To start with, stand with your feet for about shoulder-width apart and your back against the wall, both arms should dangling freely at your side. If the left side of your back is your tight side, lift your left arm above your head and bend sideways to your right, away from your tight muscles.

Put your right hand on your right hip to brace your movement, then apply gentle pressure into your right hip to raise your stretch. Reach over your head with your left arm as far as you’re capable of reaching.

In this manner, you should feel a gentle stretch in your tight, left-sided back muscles and in the muscles between your ribs. Hold your stretch for 5 seconds before slowly returning to your starting position. Repeat your side stretch exercise for 10 cycles in 2-3 times a day.

  • Back Extension

Back Exercises For Scoliosis That Are Extremely SafePlace the ball under your stomach and position your knees on the mat. In this position, you might feel that you want to fall forward over the ball in a relaxed position. So from there, you will come up to a point where your back feels as though it is parallel with the ball. Your hands and arms should be raised and come straight out so they are also parallel with the ball. Hold this position and do 5 counts.

  • Bent Over RaisesBack Exercises For Scoliosis That Are Extremely Safe

This time, you’ll work with lighter weights. Start by sitting on the ball, then bend over so that your back becomes like a table and make sure you can wrap your arms around the middle of your thighs.

Pick up the light hand weights and put them on your hands. Soften your elbows, then extend your arms. Bring your arms straight up and to your sides, so that they are almost parallel with the ground. Then bring them back down.

As simple as that, continue this exercise for 3 sets in 10 cycles.



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