11 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses That You Should Know

One of the many apple cider vinegar uses are mainly for its healing properties. It is primarily use as a safe, natural alternative to boost one’s health. It’s effective for pretty much anything from your skin, to your hair, to your house, even to your pets, there are so many other useful ways to incorporate apple cider vinegar into one’s daily routine.

Be it raw, organic, unfiltered, and unpasteurized, there are tons of apple cider vinegar uses that you must know aside from just being a salad dressing. You won’t believe all the benefits in this little glass bottle!

11 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses That You Should Know

1. It’s an all-natural room freshener.

Apple cider vinegar will clean your toilets and leave your bathroom smelling like apples! Just pour it into the toilet, and allow it to sit overnight. It can also be used in dishwashers as a substitute for dish detergent by mixing ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup water, and viola, you can use this solution to clean microwaves, kitchen surfaces, windows, glasses, and even on mirrors, too.

2. Effective in repelling fleas on your pets.

One part vinegar and one part water can be sprayed on your pets’ fur and rubbed in generously to the skin. Saturate the entire coat, and continue every day for a few days to a week. Any flea infestation will surely be gone.

4. Gives you a flashy white teeth.

One of the apple cider vinegar uses that you’ll get surprised to is that, it has great effects with your pearly whites. Just rub the apple cider vinegar directly to your teeth and rinse with water.

5. Alleviates a sunburned skin.

Add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath, and soak for 10 minutes to eliminate discomfort from sunburn.

6. Used as a natural aftershave.

Fill a bottle with equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water, and shake before applying to the face. 11 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses That You Should Know

7. It’s an all-natural massage treatment.

Rubbing an apple cider vinegar on your hands and feet will give you a massage-like benefits and relief to tired hands and feet.

8. Can shed off excess weight.

In a 2009 study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, it was found that subjects who consumed acetic acid for 12 weeks experienced significant declines in body weight, abdominal fat, waist circumference, and triglycerides (the bad cholesterol that we all want to avoid).

For daily weight management, add 2 teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar to 16 ounces of water. This concoction can be sipped throughout the day. 

9. It can help you detox.

Aside from balancing the body’s pH, the apple cider vinegar creates an overall detoxification of the body. Research shows that it can help stimulate cardiovascular circulation and help detoxify the liver.

10. Great for your lymphatic system.

This miracle vinegar helps to break up mucus throughout the body and cleanse the lymph nodes. Believe it or not, research suggests that the apple cider vinegar can help with allergies because of its ability to reduce mucus and sinus congestion. When reducing the effects of allergies, it can also help stave off sinus infections and their related symptoms, such as sore throats and headaches.

11 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses That You Should Know

11. Relieves heartburn.

Though it might seem like an oxymoron to treat stomach acid with an acid-containing vinegar, there’s a study that suggests that an apple cider vinegar works by correcting low acid, hence reducing heartburn. Natural remedy experts say you should begin to feel relief very shortly after taking 1 teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar followed by a glass of water.

Well folks, as you can see, these various apple cider vinegar uses you just learned are quite shocking, right? That is why, it is dubbed as a miracle product that can be used in a multitude of ways, this solution is highly recommended.


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